Dispensing Equipment

Automatic adhesive dispensing equipment
for your production lines

Dispensing Equipment - Automatic adhesive dispensing equipment for your production lines, Polymer-G’s high performance adhesive dispensing machines can handle materials with the most demanding physical and chemical characteristics, up to viscosity of 1,000,000 cps and mix ratios down to 100:3.

Our adhesive dispensing equipment solutions classified into few categories:

  • State of the art, low pressure two component dispensing system, designed for applications as infusion (RTM – resin transfer molding), potting and casting, encaplsulating, fitted to any production scale, from few grams to endless number of kilograms. Each machine can be customized to your capacity needs, with versatile operation features, compact design, and attached with any supplement automatic feed packages (from pails & buckets, 55 gal drums, etc)
  • Dispensing / dosing of one part, two part (component) or multi-component adhesives
  • Automatic application with robotic systems of sealants, pastes in all shapes and forms, including, beads, gaskets, in-filling, dots, potting, encapsulation
  • Precise micro-dispensing of quantities starting from 1 microliter to endless. The solution is done by endless piston pumps.
  • High Pressure and spraying systems for adhesives.

Polymer-G is committed to provide the best chemistry and fluid dispensing systems, that offer customers complete manufacturing solutions for their challenging applications. We have developed high-quality, field-proven dispensing systems to fit many adhesive/sealants dispensing applications.

Our engineers are ready to work with you to create the best dispensing solution for your application.

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