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Smart 2K Adhesive System – A success story


Commercial, Agriculture Products – Irrigation


Smart 2K Adhesive System


A Manufacturer of various solenoids valves and manifolds for the agriculture industry is a customer of Polymer-G’s adhesives for over 20 years.

The customer has never worked with an advance dispensing system, while they used to mix and dispense their 2k polyurethane potting material with an out dated pneumatically controlled unit for various products in small and large quantities.

This conventional way of dispensing caused large amount of material waste, excessive time usage (resulted in low capacity), high labour costs and a dirty work environment.

The production manager knew that a dispensing machine would be needed needed to be made in order to optimize the production process.

Success Story


The COO has reached Polymer-G sales dept. which recommended an industrial Smart 2K dispensing unit with its special vacuum degasssing and unlimited shot size selection due to the endless piston, servo driven pumps which allows variabe shots and mix ratios.

Even though they were excited with the equipment on-line ratio assurance, ease of maintenance and

the machine versatility, he wanted to make sure that this was the right choice for his company.
He recieved feedbacks from customers, visited a facility that was already running this equipment, and

analysed the ROI calculations.The numbers could not be more clear thus the decision was easy to make.


After doing his due diligence, the machine was selected and purchased. The Installation of the new unit saved the company approximately 3.5 hours per day on set-up preparation for the dispensing process.

The waste levels have been dropped by an estimated 40%, which resulted in over $135,000 in savings annually. out of 2000 pcs per day, only 0.2% have been ruled out for quality reasons.

On top of that, the customer also noticed a difference in finish quality of the product surface. The roto-static mixing has eliminated even the smallest bubbles making it look shine and perfect.

He was also amazed from how clean the work area is kept over time. That has shown the customer that once again, Polymer-G will continue to support its customers with advance solution to improve their business.

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