Machines and Equipment

Machines and Equipment


Small quantities dispensing system for 2 part adhesives up to 12 gr / min

The preeflow® eco-DUO450 is a zero free, low pressure 2 component-dispensing system which allows conveyance through servo controlled rotation of the rotor-stator module which builds up pressure to convey the medium without it. Since the transporation can operate backwards too, preeflow® guarantees a non-dripping fluid/paste dosing.

Smart 2K Dispensing Cell With Degassing

Polymer-G is one of the few dispensing equipment manufacturers in the world which developed a dispensing machine for 2K industrial adhesives, being able to mix and dispense almost any adhesive in the markets, in any viscosity range and within the most extreme mix ratios.

Our top-notch dosing equipment is manufactured in accordance to the top European standards and can accommodate a wide range of adhesives like epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone, whether they are heavily filled or made at low density. They are highly used in various applications in the electronics, defense, aerospace, and automotive industries.


XYZ Systems for Integration

XYZ Desktop dispensing robot

The system can be integrated into any dosing machine and perform integration into the production line

Graco HFR Industrial Spraying System for Adhesives

The HFR is hydraulic, fixed ratio, industrial spraying system which is able to process multiple materials at high flow rates (up to 12L / min) – from rigid and flexible polyurethanes to elastomers and epoxies.  Commonly utilized in application involving high throughputs as such in spraying of polyurehtanes and epoxy at different mix ratios.

Equipped with a modular and robust design for extended life span, as a key in the Graco’s technology, and combined with a precise dispensing capability, it furnishes the end user with an advanced and reliable system which reaches a long life span, yet a cost efficient solution


Graco PR70 2K Mixing & Potting

Graco PR70 – Fixed Ratio Benchtop Mix and Meter Unit for adhesives and sealants

Engineered to mix and meter of two-component adhesives, Graco’s PR70 benchtop solution is one of the world most common dispensing units, fulfilling any dosing application in a compact, reliable and affordable unit.

Polymer-G is the exclusive representative of Graco in Israel on the adhesive fields and offers these systems with full custom design, on site installations and 24/7 site service by its local service engineers.


Viscotec Viscompact 2K Potting System

Desktop 2 component dispensing system for adhesives with variable mix ratio

XYZ Benchtop System

Polymer-G Bench Top XYZ dispensing robots are now out to the market as a fully robotic dispensing system for 1-component and 2-component materials as epoxies, silicones, acrylics and polyurethanes while they are used in either sealing, bonding, potting,or gasketing applications. These XYZ gantry robot systems are capable of appyling adhesives and sealants with high precision directly onto your parts.


Dispensers for Fluids Emptying & Conveyance

Automatic Dosing Systems for industrial manufacturers
Polymer-G is the official distributor of Viscotec Pumpen in Israel, a world top class manufacturer from Germany engaged in supplying of dosing & filling systems as well as dosing components for production plants worldwide, some which have already been comissioned by Polymer:

• Precise micro dispensing from 1 microliter
• Bench Top Table with bead dosing
• Linear axis (XYZ) systems for multiple component dosing
• Potting, encapsulation, casting systems in low to high scale at any quantity
• Industrial two-component mixing systems for large scale production
• Hygienic FDA approved products emptying, filling and dosing.
• Barrel emptying of solid pastes and other highly viscous pastes in food and cosmetics



Dispensing Head for 3D Printing

Resin 3D Printing head for watery to pasty material

Hygienic Dispensers

Engineered to answer the most demanding hygienic requirements in the food, cosmetic and pharma industries, the Viscotec progressing cavity pumps allow quick, reliable and optimal product sanitization by their superb GMP and CIP/SIP cleaning compliant design.

Presenting outstanding pulsation-free flow behavior and gentle product processing, Viscotec hygienic PCP are the best selection to dispense your food grade product. Since these pumps inherently have “low-shear properties, they can handle almost any shear sensitive materials and keep it out of risk or damage.


T2 2:1 Ball Piston pump

1-ball pneumatic transfer pump for all types of fluids

ECO-Spray for Spraying

Dispensing and spraying system for 1 part adhesives coatings up to 2 gr / min with viscosity up 100,000 cps


The eco-PEN 600 is an advanced volumetric dispensing system which is capable of dispensing micro quantities of one-component fluids or pastes where accuracy and repeatability cannot be compromised.

ECO-PEN 600 Small quantities dispensing system for 1 part pasty adhesive – Technology:

The proven endless piston technology (screw pump) by Viscotec assures that watery to pasty liquids are dispensed at the required quantity and with no pulsation.


The eco-PEN 450 is a superbly reliable volumetric dispensing system which is able to apply the smallest amounts of single-component fluids or pastes – for high-precision dispensing technology. Based on the proven endless piston technique (screw pump), watery to pasty liquids are dispensed in perfection. Using the eco-PEN 450 provides a clean, process-reliable dosage is guaranteed regardless of any viscosity changes due to fluctuations in temperature of specific gravity


The ECOPEN 300 is 1-component dispenser which is perfectly suited for fluid transport of low to high viscosity materials, mainly adhesives, oil and chemicals.

ECO-PEN 300 Small quantities dispensing system for 1 part pasty adhesive – Technology:

A single component volumetric dispensing system that applies the smallest amounts starting from 1 microliter (µl).


The preeflow® eco-DUO600 is a rotating progressive cavity 2K dispenser that dose small quantities in an outstanding accuracy while keeping medium properties as originally obtained.

ECO-DUO 600 Small quantities dispensing system for 2 part adhesives – Technology:

The dosing technology also conveys the paste backwards, allowing a clean, servo controlled fluid dosing to perfection without any dripping.


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