3D Print Head

3D Print Head

Polymer-G 3D Printer Head 

Polymer-G is pleased to introduce the market an innovative one component print head which can print almost any type of materials, whether having watery or high viscous properties, or with high contents of fillers.

The print head can be adapted to the majority of 3D printers which have been pre-fabricated to FFF/FDM Technology. The printed media is conveyed continuously and dosed with very high accuracy (less than 1%).

The printing dispenser is equipped with a stepper motor that enables retraction of the fluid when it’s needed, in order to eliminate dripping issues which often occur between the deposition of a new layer.

3D Print Head Advantages

The main advantage of purely volumetric dispensing used in 3D printing application, is that process parameters like temperature or viscosity are not affecting the printing process and thus there are not fluctuations in the flow behaviour or accuracy.

The materials can be supplied from a storage tank or small cartridges.

A built in heating function can be added to the 3D Print head in order to assist in heating the pastes or liquids to elevated temperatures as of up to 70 °C.

Polymer-G is capable of making an on -line demonstration with the 3D print bead to give its customer full confidence in the quality and performance of the print head.

3D Print Head Technical advantages:

  • Endless selection of materials can be printed
  • Possibility to print at high resolution in precise manner
  • Low Pressure / ZERO shea in printing – Gentle transport of materials
  • Can be adapted to little quantity (30-50 ml) or large size packaging
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting print head

3D Printer Head Application Advantages:

  • Printing of different profiles like beads and dots at high and consistent repeatability
  • Suitable for one or two component resins & fluids like: epoxy, polyurethanes, acrylic, UV resins, silicones, waxes, inks, ceramics and all types of abrasive media
  • Built in suck-back function allows absolute start/stop points
  • Change of the resin temperature by heating element creating shorten cure cycles and ease of flow onto the printing bed