Leasing & Rental of Dispensing Systems

Looking for dispensing equipment for rent?

Poylmer-G is glad to introduce its customers the opportunity to upgrade its production capabilities and manufacture without allocating an initial capital expense on the dispensing equipment.

Dispensing equipment for rent from manufacturer of potting compounds

For an OEM manufacturer, projects come and go, some are worth millions but it’s not always the right step to make a capital investment, particularly if looking at considerations like the size of this investment, or the relatively small quantities required for the project in relation to the project extent, or just the lack of know-how in selecting the right system for your needs.

With Polymer-G, we support your efforts to get new projects with an attractive lease & service program that will ease your financial handling. 

Our flexible lease/rental programs come in various packages, offering multiple payment options to help you getting production running within days.

The financial benefits:

  • Time Differential lease plans along with buy option
  • Attractive lease terms for long periods rental
  • Convenient instalments plan allowing you to purchase the machine at any point of time

The operational benefits:

  • All costs are moved to OPEX as temporarily expense instead of CAPEX (fixed expense)
  • Ability to run a small production unit without putting a large initial investment
  • Using a new top-notch dispensing system for the long run including service
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