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2K Epoxy resin solves heat dissipation problem

2K Epoxy resin – EP140FR is the solution


Polymer-G customer is an industrial developer and manufacturer of industrial flame and gas detection systems, designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions and which connect directly to an alarm or automatic fire extinguishing systems.


The challenge in selecting the potting resin

The customer product involves a highly engineered housing containing several UV/IR optical sensors identifying flames and hazardous gas.

The challenge was to find a resin that is capable of evacuating the intense heat generated inside the product while performing under high thermal shock and in extreme environments.


The solution given to the customer – 2K Epoxy resin – EP140FR

Polymer-G has modified and deployed its standard EP140FR  resin to meet all the thermal and electrical demanding requirements.

The modification has brought various benefits to the customer:

  1. Improved thermal managementLess heat was introduced into the power modules, resulting in the extended lifespan of the electrical components compared with alternative epoxy resins
  2. Enhanced Void filling allowed waste reduction by 22% – The low to medium viscosity has enabled a greater reach of the potting resin. That has also led to better electrical insulation and mechanical protection of the active components
  3. Throughout has been increased by 45% – The variety of hardeners possibly fitted with the base compound offered flexible pot life combinations to match the customer production constraints. Due to the rapid curing of the chosen material, the output has been increased by 45%

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