Future Adhesive Dispensing – Meeting New Challenges

The world is growing fast, new projects are established in all our life areas and correspondingly technologies are progressing in an amazing pace, stepping up the tranditional ways used to dispense & apply adhesive in more efficient and precise way.

Newly developed one/two components resins are vastly combined into range of applications, while replacing common mechanical system or conventional joining methods.
Unlike in the past, a chemical system for bonding/sealing application is a major alternative in a new product’s design.

Typical epoxy/Polyurethane/silicone systems are engineered today by materials experts with very high attention to the functional use, in order to meet the most demanding and highest requirements, as greatly seen in the medical, aerospace, automotive, defense and others high end industries, which cannot afford a compromise on quality or absorb production waste.

Achieving these superb properties can only be accomplished by smart formulations which create a significantly much better product in terms of its functional properties, however not necessary easier to be fabricated or scaled up for industrial manufacturing, particularly when industry 4.0 is kicking off. Materials may be much “heavier” or present difficult flow properties due to their inherent composition, some may not be mixed properly without external aid of accessories. On top of that, the desire to get the product entirely degassed (clean of air), shall require a sophisticated system which can handle the physical limitation of the product.

In some cases, the manufacturer may struggle with a difficult situation: either to find a less suitable product, or invest in an upgraded dispensing system which can overcome this challenge and allow him to produce parts with the highest standards in the market and minimal concern on the quality of the final product. It will also have to pay great deal of attention to the system’s capability to integrate with any pre-installed production lines and enable communication with a central PLC for a vital data exchange.

With over 30 years of its accumulated experience in adhesive and dispensing system manufacturing, Polymer-G is one of the few producers in the world which developed a multi-application dispensing system for industrial adhesives, being able to handle most of the adhesive in the markets, in any viscosity and mix ratio, all at amazing dose accuracy of less than 1%.


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