Subcontracting for adhesive potting, sealing and bonding


Apart from Polymer-G line of adhesive products and dispensing machines, our contract manufacturing business unit offers you an A-Z solution to have your products manufactured with the highest standards and according to your specific needs, in any scale of production capacity.

We are able to execute a full range of applications, including sealing, bonding and potting of your materials (provided by different OEM), by our Smart multi component mixing and dosing systems which are incorporating the most advance dispensing technology and highest manufacturing performance.

Our dispensing specialists attend your process development needs from the initial investigation of your requirements, through sampling production for testing, and up to incorporation of automation to achieve the necessary quality standards at any capacity levels.

As a single source supplier, we able to offer you the entire solution including the materials and the dispensing cell. The combined package inherits years of experience allowing us to analyse your project into details and provide the right solution with comprehensive support.

Accuracy and reproducibility are Key

All your applications, whether are involving encapsulating, potting or bonding, can be done by our contract manufacturing site which consist of multiple dosing systems made by the top OEM in the world. The production cycle is performed in a an efficient and economical manner while keep safety first. The wide range of customer-specific products varies from iOT 7 & Telematics products, power devices & sensors, electronics & LED housings, coils, transformers and EV or batteries, to filters and PV or solar panels or any other products which are used in household consumption.

Our highly accurate Polymer-G dispensing technology stands out for its repeated quality (99%) and high precision (errors in shot are less than 1%)..

Due to the versatility of our systems which consist of servo driven endless piston(PCP) pumps , any product size as much as complex geometries can be processed, with flows rates varying from 0.1 gr/min to 4,000 g/min. The extended rage of flow rates allows potting of different types of products, from the smallest components to large objects which require high filling.

We accompany you on the complete way – from the idea to the design and series production.

Dispensing of adhesive is not as easy it looks. It requires great deal of know-how and expertise of the processed material from rheological and chemical point of view, as well as understanding how to select and adapt the right dosing system to the material.

As a well experienced manufacturer of adhesive and dispensing machine, Polymer-G will be happy to attend your needs and assist in contract manufacturing services to your company. Based on the needs for the project, we shall supply a practical modern solution including free wet testing of your components with Polymer-G’s fluid handling equipment at our technological centre. Once the conceptual application process is approved, along with successful testing of your products, the definitive workflow shall be declared as eligible for mass production scale.