Two Component Mixing & Dispensing

Two component Dispensers for Volumetric Micro-Dispensing Systems

Polymer-G is the sole distributor of Viscotec / Preeflow & Graco products in Israel and a market leader in designing, manufacturing and integrating two components mixing and metering systems for adhesives & sealants, including on-site technician service for maintenance and repair.

With a vast portfolio of dispensing machines, our solution comprises of various micro dispensing units, capable of accurately dispense min. of 10 microliters of two component adhesives such as epoxy, polyurethanes, silicones, up to industrial scale production units allowing automatic and fast dispensing applications like potting and encapsulating of few kilograms per minute.

By our extensive experience and know-how in adhesive dispensing, our team will be happy to attend your request and develop a specific solution to meet your requirements and budget constraints. Almost any adhesive in the world can precisely be dosed to perfection with our advance dispensing system, and can be tested for feasibility by our demo machines at our main machinery hub.

Smart 2K Dispensing System

Polymer-G is a global adhesive & fluids dispensing systems manufacturer, providing complete A-Z equipment solutions for mixing, transfer and dispensing adhesives as well as fluids and semi-solid liquids. Our innovative dispensing systems are particulary designed to handle and dispense abrasive and highly filled resins of all kinds.

We have supplied and installed over 100 automatic machines/lines from major industry leaders in the electronics manufacture, protective defense and aviation industries!

Our mini dispensing machine comes in a compact enclosure to fit almost any footprint at your plant, yet while allowing the possibility of working with any large volume supply form (55 gal drums, 18L buckets and various pails) so your work area stays clean and tidy with minimal labor intervention.

Based on the endless piston principle, our dispensing pumps ensures that your process will be executed with high level of precision and reliability (less than 1%), ensuring that your products quality will not be compromised.

The dispensing machine has a friendly control unit and can be easily integrated into any automated production processes to improve the productivity and give the quality standards a rise up.

The Mini-RTM is a top notch dosing equipment which is manufactured in accordance to the top European standards, and can accommodate wide range of adhesives such as: Epoxy, Polyurethane and Silicones, whether they are heavily filled or made at low density. They are highly used in various applications in the electronics, defense, aerospace and automotive industries.

Our demo unit is ready to accept your materials for Trials before you Buy! Just send us your inquiry to