Machine Repairing, Refurbishment and Modernization

Polymer-G is a well experienced manufacturers of technical adhesives and dispensing system. It is well regarded in the local markets for the its expertise in repairing, rebuilding and modernization of dispensing machines along the surrounding equipment. We rebuild equipment made by f the top leading OEM like Graco, Viscotec, Unipre-Mahr, aiming to meet the strictest standards in the electronics industry.

We evaluate each machine at any work condition, and come up with a flexible refurbishment plan (under the customer constraints), that will put the machine back to work for a long period of time.

After the initial investigation, we feature the customer the condition of the machine and provide recommendations for different scopes of work in terms of upgrade level and budget.

Our goal is to get the machine back with the original performance KPI like the flow rates, dosing pressure, mix quality etc.

For over 30 years of activity in the markets, Polymer-G continues to deliver high quality of professional and fast work, along with superb service and system reliability, which we are laying down as the basis of our business integrity.

Some of the machines we repair: GRACO PR70 Meter & Mix unit, Viscotec Dispensers and Viscompact DUODESK 2k potting system, Graco President & Monark supply pumps, Graco Fusion Gun, Preeflow Micro dispensers, Graco T1 &T2 Transfer pumps etc, Graco Checkmate supply pumps.