Use Cases

A successful application using our polyurethane-U205

Our customer, Kando is an Israeli company that provides continuous awareness of events in wastewater networks.

Kando use market-leading IoT technology and big data analytics to give wastewater network operators the intelligence they need to optimize wastewater treatment outcomes, maximize water reuse, and environmental protection.

Kando’s Clear Upstream solution delivers in-network visibility and behavior prediction through real-time wastewater quality reporting and data correlation. At strategic points around client networks, advanced IoT units monitor influent for anomalies, indicating contamination events.
Units record event severity and location in real-time and transmit live data to Kando’s online analytics platform where it is analyzed and fed back to users, giving optimized network operation guidance.
Reliable data capture is key to Kando’s service and protecting their monitoring units from harsh in-network conditions is essential.
We worked together to find and formulate the best material for them.
We found out that our 2K polyurethane (U-205)  protects Kando’s equipment from potentially harmful conditions inside the sewer in the best way.

It is the ideal solution thanks to these features:

  • Flame retardent
  • Malleable potting and encapsulationg compound
  • Hydrolic stability
  • Low glass temerture
  • Low water permeability

Today,by using U-205, Kando can be sure their smart units will perform in the harshest environments, allowing them to collect and analyze data with unparalleled precision, and give their clients predictive insights they need to maximize operational performance.

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