Use Cases

Success story – The right PU can get you $3 million contract

Filters are manufactured in many different designs and must fit perfectly to the respective application. The filter elements are fixed in the frame by using casting materials such as epoxies and polyurethanes. Ensuring tight bonding in air filtration is essential to their proper function.

Our customer is specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced filter solutions that are designed to achieve the highest quality of performance and reliability.

Our customer has asked us to develop a super-fast polyurethane that will cure in 2 minutes because they want to speed up the production capacity to win a very big and important contract for them.

The customer has been using our polyurethane for many years and the new era of the COVID-19 made them think out of the box, take action and develop a new filter that will help people protect themselves and prevent the spread of the outbreak.

The new filter is small and they did not want the PU to drip all over and reach unwanted places. The most important requirement was that the PU needs to be placed and cure super-fast.

The fast curing of the PU has two main advantages:

  • Speeding up the production
  • Staying “in the right place”

The time table was very tight especially with all the work and safety restrictions of that time.

We are proud to say that our chemist accepted the challenge and formulated a super-fast polyurethane that cures in 2 minutes. With the help of our expert engineers, a suitable mixing and dispensing machine was defined.

The final curing time was reduced even more to 1.5 minutes.

Due to that change, the curing time went from 1.5 hours to 1.5 minutes.

And most important, the customer got a contract for $3 million that he would not have gotten otherwise.

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