Viscompact Duo Desk

2-Component Dosing System for Desktop Working Station

The VisCompact 2- Component Dosing System was especially engineered to provide customers worldwide advance mixing and dispensing capabilities made by the German leader “ViscoTec Pumpen”, who develops and manufactures endless piston pumps.

The core of this machine is based on 2 X independent ViscoTec high precision dispensing pumps which are mechanically connected by a mixing head and receives each part separately in order to mix them in a static mixer.

Both dispensers (for Part A & Part B) are operated and controlled by accurate servo motors with programmable control unit. A friendly operator panel, touch screen handled, is managing the set-up of the application in terms of the dispense mode (shot size or continuous) and the required flow rate.

Two 5 liters supply tanks are equipped with clamp connectors for quick disassembly in case of maintenance need, as well fluid level sensors which are used to indicate a re-fill requirement.

Each of the dosing channels (A or B) is equipped with a pressure sensor to monitor the dosing pressure and make sure the mixing process is occurring within preset values.

Main Technical Benefits:

  • 2-component desktop dosing system based on smart & simple endless piston principle
  • Fully programmable calibration, dosing volume & flow and mixing ratio (digitally modified) – no need for any mechanical adjustment
  • High adherence the set mixing ratio even at extreme conditions (e.g. viscosity differences)
  • Repeatable dosing performance – above 99%.
  • Contactless operation – The two parts are freely passed through their channels up to the mix head – cancelling the potential for cured material within the dispensers
  • Compact desktop design
  • The low pressure and special stator compounds allows the use of abrasive media and high wear materials
  • High mix accuracy results in cost savings by low waste levels (less rejected parts)

Main Technical Specifications: