3145 CLEAR
Clear, non-flowing adhesive with high tensile strength and elongation, MIL-A-46146 Group II tested

DOWSIL™ 3145 RTV MIL-A-46146 Adhesive Sealant – Clear is suitable for:
  • Sealing openings in modules and housings
  • Assembly of components on printed wiring board (PWB)
  • Sealing in and around wired and electrical leads
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3145 CLEAR Clear, non-flowing adhesive Features & Benefits:

  • Non-flowing
  • Room temperature cure
  • High tensile/tear strength and elongation
  • MIL-A-46146 Group II, TY I
  • No mixing required
  • Room temperature cure, no ovens required
  • Faster in-line processing with optional heat acceleration
  • Can be considered for uses with Mil Spec requirements


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