EP 140 LV
High Thermal Conductivity Epoxy Compound


EP 140 LV is a highly filled potting/encapsulating epoxy compound, exhibiting high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and excellent electrical insulating properties

SKUMaterialBaseHardenerMix ViscosityMix Ratio By WeightShore 7 DaysService TempColorGel Time Min/25CPurposeVolumeUL 94
EP140LVEpoxyEP 140LVEPC 9100:4.8D85-95Red/BlackPotting1L, 5L
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Features & Benefits:

  • High thermally conductive
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High electrical insulation properties
  • Long pot life
  • Snap-curing at elevated temperatures
  • Low cure shrinkage

Encapsulation of electrical and electronic devices and components, where high heat dissipation and low thermal expansion are needed.

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