Epoxy UV

Polymer-G: Unleash the Power of UV-Cured Epoxies

Since 1991, Polymer-G (פולימר גבולות בע”מ) has been a market leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance specialty bonding and casting solutions. Today, we’re revolutionizing the industry with innovative UV-LED curable epoxies, offering a versatile solution for 3D printing, composites, and coatings.
Customizable Solutions:
We specialize in creating bespoke UV epoxy formulations to meet your exact requirements. Our experienced technical staff and hands-on approach ensure a perfect product match for your application.
Breakthrough Curing Technology:
Our recent advancements in photo initiators enable hybrid cationic curing epoxy systems to cure in seconds, reaching depths of up to a few centimeters. This translates to faster production times without compromising quality.
  • 3D Printing: Our EPV series epoxy opens exciting possibilities for 3D printing. This high-strength, structurally sound material is ideal for applications demanding resilience in harsh environments. Explore Products: [link to 3D printing epoxy catalog]
  • Composites: Imagine a one-part resin with an indefinite pot life that cures in seconds under UV/LED light. Our UV-curable epoxies make this a reality, accelerating your processes without sacrificing properties like:
    • Excellent mechanical properties
    • Unique toughening system
    • Extremely long pot life
    • No mixing required
    • Low viscosity
    • High temperature stability Explore Products: [link to composites epoxy catalog]
  • Coatings: Unlike conventional solvent-based or water-dispersed coatings, UV-curable coatings cure rapidly upon exposure to UV light, eliminating solvents and offering superior protection against harsh environments. Our UV-LED curing coatings boast the same exceptional properties as our composite epoxies. Explore Products: [link to coatings epoxy catalog]
Contact Polymer-G today to discuss your specific UV-cured epoxy needs and unlock a world of possibilities.