RTV 121
Clear, Low Viscosity, RTV silicone compound


RTV 121  is a low viscosity, clear, condensation cure silicone compound for encapsulating, sealing and potting. The compound demonstrates excellent resistance to cure inhibition. RTV 121-A keeps high flexibility at low temperatures and good thermal stability.

SKUMaterialBaseHardenerMix ViscosityMix Ratio By WeightShore 7 DaysService TempColorGel Time Min/25CPurposeVolumeUL 94
RTV121SiliconeRTV 121 A+BRTV T-121,700-2,400A-100:B-6.7:C-0.1-0.5A25-32-55 TO 200ClearPotting1L, 5L, 18L
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Features & Benefits:

  • Clear
  • High resistance to cure
  • High flexibility at low temperature
  • Low viscosity
  • Easy loading with fillers
  • Good thermal stability

Potting, sealing and encapsulating.

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