EP 607 P
Epoxy 607 P - Aluminum Putty


Epoxy Aluminum Putty EP 607P is a two-component epoxy compound, highly reinforced with aluminum powder. Designed for repairing cracks and breaks in aluminum parts. Provides high adhesion to most metals and concrete.

SKUMaterialBaseHardenerMix ViscosityMix Ratio By WeightShore 7 DaysService TempColorGel Time Min/25CPurposeVolumeUL 94
EP607-PEpoxyEP 607PEPC 607 P1:1D82-40 TO 90Aluminum Grey PastePotting200ML, 1L, 5L
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Features & Benefits:

  • Easy mix 1:1 ratio
  • No sagging or shrinking
  • Forms aluminum-like finish
  • Reduces downtime

Repairing and casting of aluminum parts.

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