EP 520
Epoxy 520 - Low Viscosity Room Temperature Curing Epoxy


EP 520/EPC 520 is a clear, low viscosity, two component epoxy compound designated for composite materials used in aviation and aerospace, and industrial composites. EP 520 exhibits high temperature resistance, excellent mechanical properties and high chemical resistance.

SKUMaterialBaseHardenerMix ViscosityMix Ratio By WeightShore 7 DaysService TempColorGel Time Min/25CPurposeVolumeUL 94
EP520_1EpoxyEP 520EPC 520500-700100:30D80-85-40 TO 150Clear120-150Composite Material1L, 5L, 18L, 200L
EP520_2EpoxyEP 520EPC 22641,200-1,500100:34D80-90-40 TO 160Clear/Light Yellow120-150Composite Material1L, 5L, 18L, 200L
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Features & Benefits:

  • Low viscosity
  • Long pot life at RT
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Low viscosity
  • Rapid cure at high temperature

Encapsulation and potting of electrical and electronic components.

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