EP 333
medium viscosity potting and encapsulating epoxy compound


EP 333 is a medium viscosity potting and encapsulating epoxy compound. It displays high physical and electrical properties. EP 333 can be applied with various curing agents depending on customer requests.

SKUMaterialBaseHardenerMix ViscosityMix Ratio By WeightShore 7 DaysService TempColorGel Time Min/25CPurposeVolumeUL 94
EP333-1EpoxyEP 333EPC 69/742,500-4,000100:13D84-88-30 TO 90Black/Red/Yellowish25-35Potting1L, 5L, 12L, 18L
EP333-2EpoxyEP 333EPC 2264/93,000-5,000100:10D85-90-30 TO 120Black/Red/Yellowish20-25Potting1L, 5L, 12L, 18L
EP333-3EpoxyEP 333EPC 14555,000-6,500100:12D84-88-30 TO 90Black/Red/Amber25-35Potting1L, 5L, 12L, 18L
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Features & Benefits:

  • Room temperature cure
  • Suitable for manual and automatic mixing
  • Excellent mechanical properties

High voltage/High power electrical and electronic potting and encapsulation.

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