UV-LED Cure Accelerator additive, for fast UV curing of standard room temperature addition-cure (platinum cure) silicone rubbers.


QPI™3100 is a UV-LED Cure Accelerator, used to add fast UV curing capabilities to standard room temperature addition-cure (platinum cure) silicone rubbers. It contains a silicone polymer with a special Quantum UV activated platinum catalyst.

QPI-3100 UV-LED Cure Accelerator additive Features & Benefits:

  • Enabling combination of Long open time with Fast curing: By adding the QPI™3100 to platinum based silicone systems, users can benefit long pot life and fast UV-LED cure-on-demand.
  • No Properties Change: The addition of QPI™3100 to the base silicone polymer, does not effect the final properties of the cured product.
  • UV-LED cure: LED radiation curing requires less energy than thermal curing. UV-LED 395nm light provides greater safety compared with commonly used mercury-vapor lamp.
  • Dark Cure: Crosslinking reaction can be trigged by UV irradiation and can further proceed slowly in the dark.

QPI-3100 UV-LED Cure Accelerator additive Application:

UV Curing Accelerator additive can be added to the base material or to the final mixture of base and catalyst of most two component platinum based
silicon systems. The recommended concentration of QPI is 1-5% of the total amount.

Cure rate under UV light depends on the silicone system, additive concentration and light intensity.

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